Zimmer Biomet Etex
EquivaBone® BGS

Osteoinductive Bone Graft Substitute

Moldable / Injectable
Sets Hard
Clinically Proven Conductive Scaffold

EquivaBone Bone Graft Substitute combines the osteoinductivity of demineralized bone matrix with the osteoconductivity, moldability, structure and hard-setting characteristics of Etex’s proprietary nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology.

Mixing Open mixing system User friendly / mix with blood or saline
Formulation Proprietary nanocrystalline calcium phosphate** + DBM Proven osteoconductive scaffold + osteoinductive stimulus
Handling Moldable or Injectable putty Multiple delivery options
Cohesive Sets hard in a wet environment, may be irrigated after setting Complete defect fill / resists wash out
Structure Sets hard and maintains shape Continuous osteoconductive scaffold / keeps growth factors at implant site
Working Time 15 minutes (store in moist gauze) Intra-operative flexibility
Setting Time Endothermically sets in 10 minutes at 37°C Sets hard after closure / no damaging heat release
Osteoinductivity Certified by lot post sterilizationin an In Vivo model Each lot certified osteoinductive prior to release
Compressive Strength 1-2 MPa Provides structural scaffold*
Remodeling Cell mediated remodeling Inductive DBM promotes bone formation, calcium phosphate component remodels at the rate of new bone growth
Sizes 2.5 cc, 5 cc and 10 cc Accommodates a variety of indications
EquivaboneGamma-BSMBeta-BSMPrecision & Mixing Delivery System