Zimmer Biomet Etex
βBeta-BSM® Injectable

Injectable Bone Substitute Material

MIS Centric
High Strength
Cell-Mediated Remodeling

Etex addresses the need for high strength materials delivered in minimally invasive procedures with βBeta-BSM® Injectable.

βBeta-BSM® Injectable is engineered using Etex’s proprietary nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology. It is mixed in a closed syringe-to-syringe system and can be delivered through as small as a 20 g needle.

Mixing Patent pending syringe to syringe User friendly closed mixing system
Formulation Proprietary nanocrystalline calcium phosphate* Mimics chemical structure of human bone to facilitate remodeling
Handling Injectable through 20 g needle for orthopedic applications / 16 g needle included Minimally invasive delivery
Cohesive Sets hard in a wet environment, may be irrigated after setting Complete defect fill / resists wash out
Structure Sets hard and maintains shape Osteoconductive scaffold
Working Time 2 minutes Intra-operative flexibility
Setting Time Endothermically sets in 3-5 minutes at 37°C Sets hard after closure / no damaging heat release
Compressive Strength Average of 30 MPa Strength three times cancellous bone
Drillability Drillable before or during setting Procedural flexibility
Remodeling Cell mediated remodeling Remodels at the rate of new bone growth
Sizes 2.5 cc and 5 cc Accommodates a variety of indications
EquivaboneGamma-BSMBeta-BSMPrecision & Mixing Delivery System