Zimmer Biomet Etex

Etex develops products that meet clinical needs. The foundation of our bone substitute materials is our proprietary nanocrystalline* calcium phosphate formulation. Mixed with saline and implanted, the materials undergo an endothermic reaction, harden and convert to nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (NCHA). Our NCHA mimics the crystalline structure of human bone and over time is remodeled into new bone.

Etex products:

  • Repair skeletal defects
  • Remodel into bone
  • Facilitate minimally invasive procedures
  • Include user-friendly mixing systems


*The grain size of the hydroxyapatite (HA) crystals that form as part of the amorphous and crystalline mixture of calcium phosphate sets are on the nanometer scale. The size of the crystalline structures was measured by x-ray diffraction to be less than 100 nanometers.
EquivaboneGamma-BSMBeta-BSMPrecision & Mixing Delivery System